September 19, 2009

I wake from a troubled sleep. 

The house is quiet, so I wander.

It’s dark, it must be night.  But no, here comes the sun, rising over the mountains in the East. 

Today is a new day.

I catch my breath, close my eyes, and suddenly the sun is overhead, beating down with a cruel and intense heat.  Why does it feel as though the sun is suffocating me? 

I turn my face away from the light, and there’s the sunset. 

The day is gone.

It’s morning, it’s noon, it’s night.  All in the blink of an eye.



  1. Time flies, huh? Sometimes it’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s not.
    I guess that is how life works.

  2. Sometimes it’s nice to have a day end quickly…especially a bad one.

  3. I am actually frightened by how fast time passes sometimes.

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