The Line Between Bad-Ass and Dumb-Ass

December 6, 2009

My husband and I recently purchased another junk house to refurbish.

Now, I don’t like to toot my own horn (much) but I’m pretty good at demolition.  I put on my Bad Ass face and get to work.

Intimidating, no?

One of my tasks this past Saturday was to knock down a quarter wall right inside the front door because it was useless, and pretty wobbly anyway.

Can you tell why I call them “junk” houses?  Yeah, “ewww” pretty much covers it.

After a little prep work, the wall was ready to come down.

A Bad Ass would grab a sledge hammer and knock that sucker down with a couple of well-aimed swings.

A Dumb Ass would try to kick it down with her child-sized foot.

Who knew the line between Bad Ass and Dumb Ass was so thin?



  1. oh, ouchie!!! but i still find your to be pretty badass.

  2. Attempting to kick down a wall is pretty badass!

  3. NICE.

  4. you’re still a bad-ass in my book, darling!

  5. Did you break your foot, or just bruise it? I hope it’s not broken!

  6. will Rory lick your toes?

  7. OMG sorry did you break it?yikes!

  8. Ouch, hope your child sized foot is feeling better. You are such a badass, seriously!

  9. Please *do not* tell me that hole in the wall is from your foot ! ? !

  10. OWIE!!!! Woman, that is why sledge hammers were invented. Ahem.

  11. Now you’re a badass with a sore foot.

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