A Life of Sunshine

December 29, 2009

I wrote this when I was 16.  It’s a poem of rebirth – of finding the strength to break through the binds that hold.  It was originally written without punctuation, but it’s hard to find the rhythm of it if you don’t know where to pause.  I’ve tried to punctuate accordingly, but there is supposed to be a slight pause at the end of each line. 

Each day as I wake
from a lifeless sleep,
I wish for a change
or a life I can keep.
How will I know
when my thoughts
are for real.
My sunshine, my light
does it know how I feel?
When my mind opens up
to accept each new day,
do I push it closed,
do I find my way?
Hours of darkness
take all my light.
My heart takes a trip
it leaves for the night.
I’m left all alone
to deal with my dreams.
Do I bring them on?
Do I cause these screams?
Warmth on my face
wakes me from death.
The sun, it has risen.
I breathe my first breath.
Pride fills my heart,
I know it’s at home.
Returned without scars,
it survived on its own.
The feeling of triumph
awakens my soul.
A smile on my face,
this night took its toll.
Another day gone;
another survived.
Though pain may take over,
I’m never deprived.
I know I can make it
if I can stay strong.
Look to the sun,
I’ll never go wrong.

Originally Posted at The Sweet Life 5/4/08 7:10 am

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